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jQuery Mobile and Disabling AJAX


Working on a clients site where a funny bug was appearing on a specific page of their site. Links found in the header nav were turned into an AJAX request. 

MYSQL: Updating the date value of a datetime field


Whilst working on a very old project relating to Twitter, the dates that the tweets were created was 2 years old and was not appearing on this site. The tweets would appear based on the current date/time.

How to convert all tables from MyISAM into InnoDB?


Today I was playing my current MYSQL database where all 35 the tables where set as MyISAM. Thinking that doing each table 1 at a time would be very annoying for me I search the net to see if there was a quick way to do this and luckily for me, found a neat way of doing it via SQL.

Laserjet Pro 200 Color MFP m276nw - Stop Printing Memory Low


Of recent we had issues with our HP laserjet pro 200 where randomly it would complain about the memory being low. After some research via the HP forums, below is the resolution. 

Merging images side by side with PHP and GD


Previously I wrote a script example of merging transparents PNG's side by side so here is a JPG version of the code.

Merging transparent PNG images side by side with PHP and GD


I had to work on a small script for a front developer at work where he wanted to view a single image which basically merged 40 images side by side.

Returning JSON data from a PHP Script


Now there is always this annoying issue I have that when I am returning data to a JSON request via PHP and try to apply some logic via Javascript - the data that I return back will not want to play ball.

Posting JSON data to an API via PHP and cURL


We are working on a bespoke API platform on this "hush hush" project and rather then sending data to the API in the usual way via PHP and cURL, we changed the game a bit for when we were importing chunks of data which was uploaded in a CSV file.

How to set up a Subversion (SVN) server on Linux


Today a friend and I were working out how to get a basic version of SVN installed on our own hosting platform as a sort of learning curve.

PHP - get date via week number and year


Working on an internal timesheet system at @TSLDigital where I display a list of users with their timesheet approval status. Currently I was just displaying the week number and year but to some extent was not really informative enough for the resource manager.

How to increase memory limit with PHP


On rare occasion, I need to up the memory allowed for PHP.

10 Tips to Passing Your Web Application Penetration Test


(or 10 Tips for Securing your Web Application)

MYSQL - average rating value


The below MYSQL query came into use for me as a sort of "house keeping" script where I had a 2 tables, products and product_reviews and although product_reviews stored the rating (out of 5) that a user would have entered, I wanted to keep an average rating value within the products table so I did not have to calculate it during my select statement.

Display Flickr images using the API with PHP and cURL


Working on a small project whereby I need to tap into my clients Flickr account and display the images on his site. He wants them to loop through with jQuery but I will not showcase that code but will show the initial code to load in 5 images from Flickr and hold them in an array for later use.

First is the class code (flickr.cls.php): 

Adding a Timepicker to jQuery UI Datepicker


Currently working on a project where by I need to allow the user to enter  a time value along side the date and rather then allowing the user to enter the values manually, found this jQuery UI Datepicker plugin that works a treat.

jQuery Validation with AJAX


Quick code sample on how to use jQuery Validation with AJAX based on a successful page validation...

Javascript browser detection script


Simple javascript browser detection script

Upload and resize images with PHP


Now this is a fairly common request on the net so I thought I put in my two pence and showcase how I upload and resize images... Below is my class that handles all my uploading and resizing functionality:

Node.js, Doctor's Offices and Fast Food Restaurants - Understanding Event-driven Programming


Further searches on understanding node.js, I found this article which explains how it works through 2 analogies: 

What is node.js


Although this is something I have not worked with before, a potential client made a request in his brief that node.js was something that was required and with no knowledge of it I think IBM helped explained it better.

WAMP and cURL on Windows 7 64bit


Just this week I was supporting a collegue of mine where he has WAMP installed on his Windows 7 (64bit) machine but had issues using cURL with a twitter plugin he was working on.

What is the difference between a web developer and a web designer?


Just a quick overview to explain who does what :-)

Sending emails via Gmail SMTP with PHPmailer


Had to use PHPMailer to send emails via Gmail SMTP and the PHPMailer version I was using was old skool but with a download of the latest code everything was good :-)

MYSQL - get rank position of users in database table


On project I am working on it requires me to let the user know what position they are ranked amongst other users with their bid that have assigned to a product. 

PHP sessions and garbage collection on Windows 2008


This week one of our Windows 2008 servers was slowly grinding to a halt and after 2 days of running tests (via Rackspace) various options were thrown to work out what was going on.

SQL Server: Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding.


Today (10/04/2012), I imported a csv file with over 8million rows into SQL Server which created the database table for me which I mapped out via the import method.

Facebook - adding your App to your Page


Since Facebook is slowing pushing the timeline feature across its Pages I noticed that assigning Apps to Pages also changed compared to how easy it was before but Chris from Feed London enlightened me to this Facebook page:

Facebook Open Graph META Tags


Although I have used the FB Open Graph META tags before, more so when sharing URL's of everything I have developed, the META tags came in useful when I wanted a personalised description and image to appear on my FB wall.

Wordpress editor removing iframe tag between visual and html mode


 Supporting a Wordpress website for a client and came across an issue where when they were adding in <iframe> tag into the WYSIWYG and switching from html to visual - visual to html, the code would disappear.

PHP Printer() function with custom font styling using CSS


I had a task for a potential project where I required PHP to print to a network printer.

Google Analytics - bespoke event tracking


Recently, and its been a while since I did it, had to basically assign some bespoke Google Analytics tracking to various links on a website I was working on.

JQuery Ajax "invalid label" issue


Had this issue where when I made an ajax call with JQuery 1.5.0, Firebug would throw an error saying "Invalid label".

The Revolution Awards 2011


Heard some really good news this morning coming into the Saint London office.

General timezone list for MYSQL


Today I had to create short list of timezones for a project I was working on and basically created a list that I used within a MYSQL database, which I hope saves someone else the hassle. Once in database, it can be used in selectlists using PHP, etc.

Thickbox from content loaded via AJAX using jquery


Working on a project called Can You Draw The Internet? I was hit with a problem with my thickbox modal when content was loaded via AJAX. The thickbox modal would appear twice as the function TB_init() would be initiated twice. 

Disable open_basedir in Plesk


From time to time there will be a situation where you would need to disable open_basedir if you are hosting with Plesk.

Creative Circle Commendations awards


Simon Labbett sent some very good news around the Saint office today saying that three of our projects were awarded Commendations by Creative Circle.

Apple album cover carousel with jQuery and PHP


Working on a small website for a friend where he wanted a clean way for users to view some of his images similar to how Apple deals with album covers in iTunes.

Handling cookies and arrays with PHP


Working on my latest baby one of the features was to add in a "like" tweet button. Catch - to prevent the user from liking if they had already liked.

Adding custom rules to WordPress htaccess


Ahhh!!! Got a Word Press setup and wanted to add in other rules to the .htaccess.

Load Content While Scrolling With jQuery


Working on this art gallery competition project for Internet Week where one of the request was:
"Rather then have pagination links, can we have it so that when the user scrolls to the bottom of the browser, new content is loaded in?"

Partnership with


PHPology have recently taken on CSSology for all our HTML/CSS/JS work.

PHP Simple_XML with namespaces


Had to read in an external RSS file from T3 and needed to drill into the "content" node which had a namespace. Using traditional ways of echoing out this node was not working so searching the net found a nice simple solution.

Cufon and screen readers


Working on a new project and one of the questions asked by the client was "will Cufon work with screen readers?", as accessibility needs to be considered.

The wampapache service terminated with service-specific error 1 (0x1)


Installed WAMP on my new work machine and jumping the gun a bit I went in and set my vhost config with the rest of it before actually starting WAMP.

FFMpeg losing duration when converting to FLV


Recently hit an issue where when I was converting a video file to a FLV format via FFMpeg (PHP) the duration of the video was lost during the export.

Symantec detected Spotify as Trojan Horse


Man, something funny happened at work today.

Customize Disqus CSS


During the Xmas period, a Word Press blog I was working on required the use of Disqus widgets.

Look out for a Junior PHP Developer in the UK


Any junior PHP web developers out and about?

HTML Special Characters


Whilst coding HTML newsletters, found a very useful list of special HTML characters from WebMonkey. Hope you guys find it useful.

Courier IMAP and Parallels Plesk 9.2.3 upgrade


Something really quick  about upgrading your Parallels Plesk to 9.2.3.

Use remote designers and developers? Check out Source Repo SVN


Working with designers and developers who work in remote locations tends to cause problems when trying to merge their code whether HTML/CSS or Server side (PHP) with mine, but Ben from StudioMohu introduced me to something called Source Repo.

Top 50 Shopping Carts


Sooo chuffed, one of our clients just notified us that a custom built shopping cart we built was rated 5 out of 50 recently:

Multisorting columns in a 3D array with PHP


Today (Tuesday 4th Auguest '09) was put in a situation where I had to reorder one of the columns from my 3D array and initially started to use array_multisort as described on
Getting annoyed that it was not giving me what I needed, I started to read through the comments others had left, and tried cagret at gmail dot com example which worked a treat for me.

Rackspace Cloud API


Yesterday I was told that we were using the Rackspace Cloud server to store our files rather than on the local server itself.

wmode equals transparent


Working on this flash website for Virgin Media and ran into an issue with @ symbols appearing as " in Firefox and Chrome with flash parameter wmode="transparent" enabled. Works totally fine in IE 7  (not tested other IE browsers).

Recently Launched


Beauty by Perfection, a London based beautician and, I think the finest portal for property rentals have launched.

ESPN Classic redesign launched


The latest redesign of ESPN Classic went live recently, thanks to Ralph and Co for the project.

Freelance Web Developer in London and Ilford


Ilford, east of London is the area I live in. If you are near or live in that surrounding and are looking for some one who can help you locally then you have came right place. Just give me a call or drop an email; you will get an instant reply from me.

New websites launched


Been keeping myself busy with these 3 projects which over the week have been put live.

Freelance PHP developer wanted


I need a freelance PHP developer to work on a new web application for approx 2 to 3 months. The developer will join a small team based on site in central London, England, close to Liverpool Street Station who are already working on the project. Must have excellent skills in PHP and MySQL integration and be experienced in working with a large and complex database structures. Must provide own computer to work on, with connection to our onsite server. Experience in Google maps, geocoding, address databases and video uploading would be an advantage.

Drum and Bass at Church


Any one for drum and bass at church, check this out, will make you laugh out loud.

Been in hiding


Man, its been a hectic few weeks since I've been back, trying to find work here and there, all good though, got loads going on at the moment. At times I feel like I am a women, you know multi tasking and all that with loads of projects lol.

India completed, next stop Maldives


Ohh man, Manali, Goa and Kerala is all now completed, ohh now legally married too which was actually different, indians dont normally marry with a sunset behind them. haha :-)

Run up to wedding


Man, its been a hectic few weeks to the run up to my wedding. Been working my butt off on finishing  projects as well as giving headache to my wife to be.