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wmode equals transparent

Working on this flash website for Virgin Media and ran into an issue with @ symbols appearing as " in Firefox and Chrome with flash parameter wmode="transparent" enabled. Works totally fine in IE 7  (not tested other IE browsers).

Initially trying to work out what was the cause took a while to work out but hopefully this info can help.

Kevin,  from another blog, did mention having a listener, and pasted the below code but you get the idea of what to do now :-)

keyPresser = new Object();
keyPresser.onChanged = function(in_txt:TextField) {
trace(”string = ” (Key.getAscii()))
if (34 == ((Key.getAscii())) || 64 == ((Key.getAscii()))) {
in_txt.text = in_txt.text.slice(0,in_txt.text.length-1) “@”;