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The wampapache service terminated with service-specific error 1 (0x1)

Installed WAMP on my new work machine and jumping the gun a bit I went in and set my vhost config with the rest of it before actually starting WAMP.

Tried to start WAMP and the system icon stopped on yellow, so I went to check if IIS was installed as that normally causes conflicts, not even installed. Firewall checks and the rest. Searched the net to see what tips/tricks I could find from other developers, did them checks and but was still failing.

Then whilst checking my virtual host file it pointed out that we could use -S when starting up Apache, so ran that and voila "DocumentRoot was not a directory", still little baffled I did a comparsion from another machine and I realised that I was using backslashes rather then forward slashes.

Apache hates that apparantly and I have just wasted couple of hours of my life :-(