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Soho Social - Deluxe 142

The Soho Social was established in December 2008 as a means of offering both clients and staff the opportunity to come together on a monthly basis outside of our usual working environment. A chance to finally put faces to the names of new acquaintances, catch up with old ones, raise a glass and generally wind down after a hard days graft in good company and with fun events.

Our task on this website was to build a events booking system so that the event organisers were able to manage events and members.

The members were able to register allowing the organisers to approve their account which then fired out an email with either a approved or a rejected message.

In this brief the member was only allowed to book an event once with the option of viewing previous booked events and able to cancel future events that were booked.


Thanks to Graeme Mullins and Louisa King for their HTML/CSS skills.