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Customize Disqus CSS

During the Xmas period, a Word Press blog I was working on required the use of Disqus widgets.

Altho the out of the box layout has everything you need, the design I had to tackle with was not so easy. Various elements had to be placed in a certain way and had to support alternative colour rows.

Using the CSS override option did not do that much of a great job as pin pointing various html elements was a pain in the arse, which then I thought, can I not use PHP to do some magic with it?

The answer took a while to find but the below code, altho I still think is a very bad short cut worked a treat.

The idea was, read in the output from the Disqus js file using fopen and then using a HTML Dom module, find the html elements you wanted to use. I had to do some dodgy substr and str_replace action but the output was ideal for any CSS developer to customize.

The code below is for commenters but its the same idea for recent comments and popular threads.

     require('simple_html_dom.php'); //get it from here

     $file = "";
     $str = null;
     $handle  = fopen($file, "r");
     while (!feof($handle)) {
       $str .= fread($handle, 8192);
     $str = stripslashes($str);
     $strpos = strpos($str, "<ul class=");
     $str = substr($str, $strpos);
     $str = str_replace("');", "", $str);
     $str = str_replace("&nbsp;&middot;&nbsp;", "-", $str);
     //echo $str;

     // get DOM from URL or file
     $html = str_get_html($str);

     $i = 0;
     foreach($html->find('li') as $e)
      $avatar = $e->children(0);
      $user = $e->children(1);
      $meta = $e->children(2)->plaintext;
      list($clout, $posts) = explode("-", $meta);

      $alternative = (fmod($i, 2) == 0) ? "even" : "odd";

      echo "<div class="top-commenters ".$alternative."">";
      echo $avatar . " ";
      echo $user . "<span>";
      echo $posts . "</span><span>";
      echo $clout . "</span>";
      echo "<div style="clear: both;"></div>";
      echo "</div>";