PHPology is a collective of highly skilled, award winning, web gurus.
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How we work

Below is a quick guide to how we work with our clients:

Stage 1 - Wireframes

The main purpose of wireframes is to look at the information architecture, and the flow of the content in a website.
- We look at the information architecture of the site, and optimise the user journey to make the content as accessible as possible.
- Then we create a set of wireframes to organise the sections and the navigation, showing a schematic representation of the content in each page/section.
- The benefit of starting with wireframes is that changes are very quick and easy, so we can make sure you have a good idea of how the content goes together before proceeding with the design.

Stage 2 - Design

Taking the wireframes we will create a design for your website that fits in with your brief. Tell us what your brand values are, give us a colour palette to work with. Or if you are a new brand, then let us work with you to create a visual identity.
- We will firstly design the new homepage for your website. If you want to see several options for the design look and feel, then let us know. We can work this into the costing and deliver some design options for you to choose from.
- Once you are happy with the new homepage, we will move forward with this design and create designs for the rest of the agreed pages.

Stage 3 - HTML/CSS and Server Side development

Once all designs and page content are finalised, we will move on the the build stage. Taking the designs, we create the front-end code for the website and test across all the popular browsers (Internet Explorer 7 to 9, Firefox, Chrome and Safari). If there are any interactive elements to create we will code these in JQuery or find appropriate plug-ins to use.
If you require a contact form that needs to email you, you wish to manage your website yourself or you want an e-commence application - we can then work on integrating server side functionality using PHP and MYSQL.